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저희는 심심을 타파하러 갑니다!! 심심타파로 고고!! 응캬캬

[SUGA] We’re bored so we’re going to Tapa! ShimShimTapa Go Go!! eungkyakya

Note: he played with the words ‘bored’ (심심) and ShimShimTapa (심심타파), which is the radio program’s name.

그리고 슈가형은 나를 싫어하는게 틀림없다. 뷔좀 희생시켜서 팬들 겨우 웃겼는데 올리자마자 3분만에 사진으로 어퍼컷날림 (눈물)

[RAP MONSTER] Also, Suga-hyung must hate me without doubt. Since I made the fans laugh sacrificing V, but after 3 minutes he uploads an uppercut photo (tears)

trans cr; Iraide @ bts-trans


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