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130616 쇼챔피언 대기실 비하인드 update! (안무연습영상은 조금만 기다려주세요ㅠ♥ㅠ)

130616 Show Champion behind the waiting room update! (wait a bit for the dance practice video ㅠ♥ㅠ)


[대기실 비하인드] 130619 쇼챔피언
황금막내 정국이와 멋진 공중부양 퍼포먼스를 보여주고 있는 지민!
항상 멋지게 성공하지만 사실은 매우매우 떨린다고 하네요!(콩딱콩딱)

[BEHIND THE WAITING ROOM] 130619 Show Champion

The gold maknae Jungkook and Jimin who are showing a cool levitation performance!

They succeeded coolly as always but, in fact, they both were trembling a lot!!

Note: they uploaded the same photo to twitter and facebook but wrote different things.

trans cr; Iraide @ bts-trans


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