Q1: Real name.

Park Jimin.

Q2: Hometown.

Busan. A genuine Busan man.

Q3: Nickname and how do you want to be called by the Japanese fans.

In Japan I want it to have a more ‘intimate/close’ feeling so “Jimin-chan” (laughs)

Q4: An artist or song that has influenced you.

Watching Rain-sunbaenim I aimed at being a singer. And when I was a trainee SOL (BIGBANG’s Taeyang) and Chris Brown influenced me.

Q5: Your dream when you were young.

I had lots of dreams, I even wanted to be a mechanized human from Galaxy Express 999.

Q6: A word you like (motto).

“Let’s become cool/handsome”. I want to become a cool person outside and inside.

Q7: If you were to represent/express BTS now with a color, what color would it be?


Q8: What music have you recently been listening to?

Chris Brown.

Q9: Something you do every day without fail.

Practicing. I upload a photo onto twitter everyday to share it with the fans.

Q10: A happening that made you cry recently?

When I signed my contract with the company. After my parents left I talked with them on the phone and I cried in my room.

Q11: When you are in trouble/worried who do talk to?

I generally solve it myself. If I can’t, I talk with V.

Q12: What do you want to do if you had a lover?

I’m the type that does a lot and wants to give but first I want to hold hands!

Q13: A member that seems like he’d have a girlfriend older than him and a member that seems like he’d have one younger than him.

Older Jin

Younger V

Q14: if you had to compare the members to non-humans, what would they be?

Jungkook a dog without collar

V A pony that deviated from his reins

Rap Monster   a lion that even if you catch it, it breaks everything and escapes again

Suga   That lion’s trainer                        

Jin   Grandma

J-HOPE  The 2nd grandma (laughs)

Q15: If you had the power of talking to non-humans, to what would you like to talk to?

Dogs and animals.

Source/scans: bts_japan & bangbangtan0612

Trans cr; Iraide@ bts-trans


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