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Subbed Shows

MTV Rookie King (2013)

Variety show centered around BTS and filled with games, skits, and punishments as they battle for the title of "Rookie King."
8 epsiodes.

MNET American hustle life (2014)

Reality show following BTS in L.A while they prepare for their album. They are mentored every episode with challenges (in addition to two mentors that live with them) as they expand their knowledge on hip-hop.
8 episodes.
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July 22 2013
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Q1: Real name.

Jeon Jungkook.

Q2: Hometown.


Q3: Nickname and how do you want to be called by the Japanese fans.

Golden maknae. Also with the end of my name ‘Kkukie’.

Q4: An artist or song that has influenced you.

Supreme Team, G-DRAGON, Macklemore.

Q5: Your dream when you were young.

Badminton player. In the 1st year of High School I listened to G-DRAGON-sunbaenim’s song and changed my dream to singer.

Q6: A word you like (motto).

(Searches it with his Smartphone with all his might) here it is! “Living without passion is like being dead”

Q7: If you were to represent/express BTS now with a color, what color would it be?

Hip hop is black and red!

Q8: What music have you recently been listening to?

Macklemore, Dynamic Duo.

Q9: Something you do every day without fail.

I’m not satisfied with my voice when I sing live, and I sing while I exercise my abs and run.

Q10: A happening that made you cry recently?

I sang badly one song and I cried in the practice room.

Q11: When you are in trouble/worried who do talk to?

Rap Monster. He’s the first one to notice when something happens to me and he gives me advice.

Q12: What do you want to do if you had a lover?

I want to go on a trip.

Q13: A member that seems like he’d have a girlfriend older than him and a member that seems like he’d have one younger than him.

Older I think it could be me (laughs).

Younger Suga

Q14: if you had to compare the members to non-humans, what would they be?

Rap Monster Tibetan fox

Jin wolf

Suga turtle


Jimin Rhinoceros

V Monkey

Q15: If you had the power of talking to non-humans, to what would you like to talk to?

To the animals that live on Earth.


Source/scans: bts_japan & bangbangtan0612

Trans cr; Iraide@ bts-trans


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